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Full details of the Opening Hours can be found on the 'About' page - clicking on this line will take you there.

The biggest micropub in Birchington


As the Wheel is somewhat larger than most of the micro-pubs in Thanet, it is very well suited for hosting things such as;

At the Wheel, there is the advantage that there is an 'upper deck' where these can be held, without having any impact or effect on the true real ale, micro-pub environment which is at ground level.


In accordance with demands from the customers, The Wheel Alehouse is now running TWO monthly quizzes. As there is an upper deck to hold them on, that means that, unlike other micropubs, there is no interuption of the micro-pub philosophy on the main deck when a quiz is running.
These are currently held on the second and last Wednesday of each month - booking is almost essential as the next quiz is often fully booked.
Current Ales
Whilst listening to live music, entering a quiz, having a meeting or attending a party, there will be a selection of different ales available, or on the stillage. Currently, that's the following ales -