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The amazing micropub in Birchington

The Wheel is open most evenings and lunchtimes at the weekend.
Full details of the Opening Hours can be found on the 'About' page - clicking on this line will take you there.

The Wheel is a larger than average micro-pub in Thanet, that sells a myriad of Real Ale, Premium Lager, Cider & Wine. Being somewhat different, The Wheel also offers a small selection of spirits (including Vodka, Dark Rum, Brandy, Port and Gin & Tonic).


Current Brews
Below are the 3 ales that are currently believed to be on offer at the Wheel Alehouse - but remember, some/all of these could have sold-out by the time you get there ):-
Naylor's Brewery's Autumn AleCopper Ale (4%)
Isla Vale's Bosun's BestUnique to The Wheel - Isla Vale specially created this ale for The Wheel. And you'll only ever get it in The Wheel Alehouse (Best Bitter 4.2%)
Mighty Oak's Kings - Citra HopGolden Ale (4.2%)

There are details of the next beer, the ones to follow and those on delivery below

Aptly for a business located in such a maritime area, the Wheel is a proud sponsor of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution

RNLI presentation RNLI presentation RNLI presentation RNLI presentation
RNLI presentation

These pictures show good-old Alan getting an award from the local RNLI.
(Wendy Teale, George Washer, Bob Anstice and Robert Teale - we even have Carl, the Quiz Master, in some of these!).
The Wheel managed to raise the highest RNLI contribution in this area for a year - yet it had only been open for just over six months when it got this award.
The Wheel Alehouse is a proud sponsor of the RNLI - EVERY £2 quiz entry fee is given to the RNLI.

The Next Refreshment
Alan reliably informs us that his next beer on will be:-
Bosun's Brewing Company's Mocha StoutMocha Stout (4.3%)

Due Soon

We currently have no records of which Real Ale is due to be available soon.

On the Stillage
Alan says that the following 6 beverages are waiting on the stillage:-
Salopian's LunaGolden Ale (3.8%)
Elgoods Brewery's Plum PorterPorter (4.5%)
Pheasantry Brewery's Dancing DragonflyBlonde Ale (5%)
Isla Vale's Green Hop 2018Green Hop, Golden Ale (4%)
Mauldons' Lemon AdderAmber Bitter - with Citrus Aromas (Amber Bitter 4%)
Bay's Brewery's Storm IPAIPA (4.6%)

On Order

We currently have no records of which Real Ale are due to be delivered soon.

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